How AI-Powered Products are Elevating the Digital Experience According to Tech Innovator Parv Sondhi

“Today, user experience isn’t just a component of product design; it’s the heart and soul of it, an indicator of success and a guide for the future,” mentions Parv Sondhi, an ex-lecturer and Product Manager leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience of digital products in the healthcare industry. 

The year 2023 marks a significant juncture in the journey of AI. Statistics reveal a staggering growth in AI adoption across industries, with 35% of businesses already embracing AI, 47% have integrated AI into at least one business function, and 68% of healthcare organisations employing AI. 

For Sondhi, this changes the game of how digital products are created. It allows innovators like him to develop features that address long-standing inefficiencies, exceed expectations, and redefine the rules of an effective digital user experience amid a $136.55 billion AI industry.

All Eyes on High-Level Customer Experience

As industries become more inclined to digitalization, the quest for enhancing user engagement and measuring the effectiveness of products has become a cornerstone for success. Sondhi, who has been in the industry for a decade, asserts that providing user value is the ultimate barometer of a product’s success. For him, engagement isn’t just about usage; it’s about creating a meaningful connection with the user.

The 2023 Codie Technology Awards judge also understands that in a market saturated with options, a product’s ability to offer a compelling and personalised experience sets it apart. Currently, businesses aim for their products to be effective and easily accessible, the epitome of a completely satisfying user experience.  

However, this level of engagement is often challenging to achieve, given users’ diverse and dynamic needs. Sondhi highlights the critical role of AI in bridging this gap and becoming a vital differentiator among other digital products. He explains, “AI offers us the unparalleled ability to analyze and understand users at a granular level. This insight is crucial in crafting experiences that resonate personally.” 

The complexity and variability of user preferences make it nearly impossible to tailor experiences for each individual manually. With its capability to process vast amounts of data and learn from user interactions and trends, AI has become an indispensable tool, enabling the creation of adaptive and responsive digital experiences that evolve with the user’s needs and preferences.

AI Integration in the Context of Healthcare Experiences

Sondhi’s approach to integrating AI in healthcare at Vida Health is deeply influenced by his passion for technology and extensive professional background. As a Master’s Degree holder in Information Management and Systems from the University of California Berkeley School of Information, with a career in software engineering and product management at leading tech companies like Apple and eBay, Sondhi has always been at the intersection of technology and user-centric design

He shares, “My journey through various domains of technology has always been guided by a single vision – to understand and address the real needs of users. This vision is realized through AI in the healthcare sector, a field where technology can profoundly impact people’s lives.”

At Vida Health, Sondhi leads the development of ML platforms that revolutionize healthcare management, such as personalised care plans, managing appointments, personal data dashboards, and more. 

With AI, these features are functional and empathetic, understanding each user’s unique health journey. His user-centric approach ensures that AI solutions in healthcare are personalised to meet individuals’ specific needs and preferences. Sondhi’s belief in the empathetic power of AI in healthcare and other industries stems from his comprehensive understanding of technology and its applications. He now reflects on his efforts to educate more product managers to navigate the evolving industry of building digital products. Having risen to the top of his field, Sondhi continues to share his knowledge with others through his pursuits, such as online thought leadership and scholarly articles in various popular publications.

With this, Sondhi advances the true power of AI, enabling many industries in the US to be more accessible, personalized, and responsive, leading to growth and profitability. 

Presenting the Double-Edged Sword of AI

User experience in the digital world is inherently subjective and varies significantly from one individual to another. What might be an intuitive and seamless interface for one user could be complex and cumbersome for another. This diversity in user experience reflects users’ varied backgrounds, preferences, and abilities. Such variability challenges innovators like Sondhi to design platforms catering to a broad audience. 

Amidst user differences, the necessity for safety and security within digital environments prevails. This convergence underscores the importance of harmonizing technical expertise with a steadfast commitment to security and privacy. It highlights the intricate challenge of integrating AI into digital platforms, where objectives must encompass more than user engagement and effectiveness.

For Sondhi, the primary objective is to harness AI’s power in creating digital experiences that are engaging and compelling, profoundly respectful, and considerate of the user’s individuality and privacy. In this digital age, where data is as valuable as currency, the ethical use and protection of user information are the cornerstone of any successful digital platform.

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